The most important phase of your project is getting the product you purchased installed correctly. Dreamstyle prides itself in having on staff some of the best installation teams in our industry. All of our installation team members have been factory trained to assure your products are installed to factory specifications each and every time. This assures years of serviceability and ease of operation. You can be assured your product will meet your daily demands.

Here is what you can expect from our Dreamstyle spa delivery and installation team members:

  • Our in-house trained delivery team uses specialized spa/hot tub delivery equipment to assure that your new spa arrives safely, and without damage.
  • When they arrive, they will place the spa where you want it to be and remove all the packaging.
  • Next they start to fill the spa.
  • While the spa is filling, we will hook it up and install any accessories you purchased.
  • Once the spa is full, we will start up the tub and make sure everything is working properly.
  • We then instruct you on how to maintain the spa and how the features are used.
  • Your old tub will be removed and hauled away. We remove all packaging materials and clean the work area.